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Webinar - Management Culture & Data Integrity Governance Plans

This 90-minute webinar discusses the potential root causes of intentional and unintentional lapses in data integrity and how a robust Management Governance Program and healthy Quality Culture may be designed to prevent and detect and respond to these risks. The discussion will include developing plans to remediate existing gaps and designing and integrating data integrity controls into current Quality Systems, Enterprise Risk Management, and ‘end-to-end’ Corporate Data Governance program frameworks. We will also discuss ideas for monitoring and ensuring the effectiveness of the data integrity program through Quality Metrics and Management Review.  In addition, for those interested, this webinar offers an additional 30 minutes for Q&A upon completion of the webinar, from 12:30pm-1:00pm ET.

Example topics include:

•       Management & Quality Culture to Assure Data Integrity

–      Falsification vs Bad Practice

–      Cressey’s ‘Fraud Triangle’

–      Managing Behavior

–      Fixing ‘the System’ to Foster Data Integrity

•       Possible Governance Models for Data Integrity

–      Risk-Based Plans and Organizational Structures

–      Quality Management System enhancements, such as

•       Managing Out-Sourced Relationships

•       Introducing Data Life Cycle & GXP Data Governance

•       Forensic Auditing

–      Metrics and Reporting to SLT

•       Q&A