I would like to reserve a spot in an upcoming training event, but I am still awaiting payment authorization.

If you are interested in registering for an upcoming workshop or webinar, but are still waiting for authorization, please fill out the intent to register form below.  Please note that registration is not confirmed until payment is received.

I would like to pay offline or by purchase order invoicing for an upcoming workshop, webinar, or eLearning training event.

Our standard procedure for accepting payments for training events is online via credit card payment or PayPal. We also accept payment via our offline payment process; please contact us at info@GMQA.net for offline payment options via phone, FAX, or bank check. 

If our standard payment options do not work for you, we can accept payment via Purchase Order invoicing and ACH domestic bank transfer or international wire transfer. Please note that there is a USD $300 surcharge for administrative time added to all fees required when paying using this option.  If you wish to pay via Purchase Order Invoicing, please complete the purchase order invoice form below.  Please contact us at info@GMQA.net with any questions.

I am having trouble paying. What should I do if my credit card payment will not work?

If the payment fails to process, please check your credit card details to be sure the billing address matches that for the credit card.  If your payment continues to be blocked (which may happen for certain credit cards when charges are made in USD from non-U.S. locations), you may need to contact your credit card company to authorize the charge. 

If you are submitting payment with a billing address that does not have a zip code or postal code, please enter 5 zeros "00000" in the zip code / postal code box. 

For addresses with no States or Provinces, please enter the city name in both the city field and again in the State/Province field.

Payments can also be processed using our offline registration form.  Please contact us anytime at info@GMQA.net for assistance.